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6 de February de 2023
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Medical Surplus for Education Purposes

From medical equipment to disposal medical supplies. It is estimated that U.S. health care facilities generate over four billion pounds of medical waste annually, 85 percent of which is non-infectious. Much of this waste is surplus medical supplies and equipment that still has value and usable life. Not only can these medical supplies be reused or donated, but disposing of surplus pieces of equipment or unneeded supplies in Tampa and other states is vital in lowering medical costs and reducing the carbon footprint of healthcare according to experts.

One such company that is helping to fight the reduction of wasteful medical dumping and reducing the carbon footprint in Florida is GB TECH USA.

Fighting the Fight

G.B. Tech is a family-owned medical supply facility based in Florida, USA. The company focuses on repurposing excess medical supplies for laboratories, universities, clinics, vets, and many other types of health care providers within the USA and developing countries around the world. According to the company, as a method of repurposing the disposing of surplus pieces of equipment or unneeded supplies in Tampa, G.B. Tech. Through organizations, Hospitals donate their excess and outdated medical equipment and supplies so they can be repurposed and shipped to developing countries and research centers. Outdated equipment is repurposed for educational, training, veterinary, or non-clinical research purposes.

How Surplus Medical Equipment is Used

The WHO created four guiding principles for use of old or unwanted supplies for donation in an effort to reduce the burden of inappropriate supplies on the receiving organization. One of their main focuses is how to repurpose surplus medical supplies for educational and research purposes. According to the National Library of Medicine, The USA produces between 2 and 4 million tons of medical waste annually, and a large portion of this is expired materials or single-use devices. The reutilization of some of these medical supplies can help save on purchases for a simulation center, while also helping to reduce the healthcare cost associated with incineration and landfill fees.

According to the NLM, Simulation centers are now a mainstream teaching venue in academic medical centers and are now required in several residency programs. The National Library of Medicine alluded to the facts that many simulation centers have varying operating budgets, from the startup ‘one room schoolhouse” lab to the multimillion-dollar brick and mortar center responsible for training thousands of students annually. Many centers around the world struggle to keep up with the needs of learners, especially as it relates to disposable materials utilized during simulation training. These materials can be very expensive and as many centers face increasing budgetary demands and cutbacks, the failure to acquire such materials limits the ability of faculty to offer the highest level of instruction and teaching. Using the utilization of expired materials by a simulation center is not only cost-effective but also allows learners to train using the exact same equipment and materials that they will encounter in the clinical environment the NLM pointed out.

Once a potential source for expired materials is identified, the process by which those supplies go from the clinical environment, where they are no longer needed, to the simulation center where they can be utilized, must be defined. This will involve communication between the responsible party from the clinical area and a representative from the simulation center. These individuals will need to determine (1) a drop-off location for supplies, (2) a list of supplies that will not be accepted by the simulation center and (3) timing/cadence for when drop-offs/pickups will occur. These steps are imperative to not only protect the simulation staff from unsafe materials/equipment/medications but also to protect the center from legal ramifications. The NLM said.

For anyone looking for ways and means to use surplus medical supplies in Florida you can contact BG TECH USA where you will find quality, experience, security, and trusted personnel at G.B. Tech. Their team has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in providing clients with innovative, sensible, and cost-effective business solutions. For more information about repurposing the disposing of surplus pieces of equipment or unneeded supplies in Tampa call or visit.

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