What types of medical supplies never expire or can be used after expiration

Repurposing excess medical supplies in Miami
24 de May de 2022
The National Academy of Medicine estimates the U.S. healthcare system wastes $765 billion a year in their supply chain due to medical supplies reaching the expiration date and no longer being able to be used in the U.S. The expiration date is noted on the majority of medical products such as medications, fluids, disinfection solutions, sutures, etc. After the expiration date, the manufacturer cannot guarantee the item’s sterility, security or stability.

While sterile bandages and dressings in first-aid packs normally do not deteriorate as long as they are stored and unbroken, if a sterile product is damaged, it is no longer considered sterile and must be destroyed. However, most medical devices do not have an expiration time, but an open-ended useful period, starting when the medical device is put to use until the equipment will no longer perform its intended purpose.

Because expired medical supplies cannot be donated to other hospitals in the U.S., the amount of waste of expired yet usable medical supplies is considerable. Fortunately, there are many organizations that receive donated unused medical supplies, including Project C.U.R.E. and Partners for World Health, which are organizations that help people around the globe. It’s satisfying knowing you are not contributing to the global issue of supple waste, but contributing to the healthcare of patients around the world.

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